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In 2007, Krista was a happy wife to Andy with a happy career and had a desperate desire to be a happy mom. In April 2008, her beautiful, busy, and smart (of course, whose kid isn't?) daughter, Scarlett, was born with a shock of strawberry blonde hair to match her mommy’s. Now Krista is a most of the time happy mom, most of the time happy wife, and most of the time happy but tired career woman. She can't quite figure out how she entered the world of blogging, and she's not even sure she really knows what blogging is. But she thinks she has some funny moments as Scarlett's mommy that are worth sharing, and some interesting thoughts on being a working mom who actually wants to be a working mom. She finds it cathartic to write about her challenges in keeping with her identity as Krista, the woman she has come to accept and even like sometimes, while being the end-all, know-it-all, queen of the universe to Scarlett (a badge she wears proudly and humbly).